Natalia is an award-winning director and editor from Chile currently based in LA. With a BA in Advertising and Communication, and a MA in Graphic Design from IED Barcelona, she built a successful career as designer and consultant for advertising companies such as Ogilvy, Lowe and Publicis Groupe. Natalia worked on commercial productions for clients including Volvo, McDonald's, Nescafe, Movistar (Mobile), Falabella (fashion), and more. In 2016, she decided to transition to filmmaking and moved to LA. Since graduating from UCLA in 2018, Natalia has been building her career as a director creating multiple short films, series, commercials and music videos. Her work has won multiple awards and 25 selections. Her film Voiceless' awards include Best Drama at the 53rd Annual WordFest-Houston - Canadian Screen Award Qualifying, and Best US Director award at Venice shorts film festival. Her current comedy series Needs won Best Comedy Series at the Toronto International Women's Film Festival, and her short Ex First-Lady won Best Comedy at Toronto Film Magazine. Her recent projects explore Natalias's perception of life in America from an outsider's take. Nowadays, she is developing her feature film The Surrogate, a science fiction drama exploring the consequences of a young couple taking the services of a surrogate android.