After meeting with an unconventional patient, DR. Cooper(42), a worn-out surgeon finds himself in pursuit of a deeper meaning to his career. 

DR. Cooper(42) is a worn out surgeon who despite his immaculate skillset, struggles finding compassion for his never ending list of patients. He only accepts wealthy patients that can pay his high fees. After rejecting a treatment for Sophia, a 7 year old girl with terminal cancer, DR. Cooper finds himself being followed by her desperate mother.  After a storm strikes, DR. Cooper cancels an operation and stays home to drink himself to sleep. The next day,Sophia shows up in his house, confronting his unwillingness to help patients, breaking his doctor’s oath. DR. Cooper takes her to school, and drops her off. Being unable to ignore Sophia’s complaints, he ends up reaching Sophia's mother. To his discovery, Sophia died on the night of the storm.
Struck with regret, DR. Cooper struggles to get his life back to  his former routine. In a big conference he’s been invited as a guest speaker, DR. Cooper finds it hard to stay on topic, and refuses his interviewer's informative questions. He goes if rails and speaks about the emotional impact losing a patient is, and the destructive implications refusing a patient can have. The unconventional speech gets to the news. The next day Sophia’s mother shows up in his office, letting him know she forgives him, and Sophia’s fate can make a difference for future patients.